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May Their Memory Be for a Blessing


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On the front page of this morning’s Denver Post a picture of Veronique Pozner, mother of Sandy Hook Elementary School victim Noah Pozner, at Noah’s gravesite at B’nai Israel Cemetery in Monroe, Connecticut, assaults me as I sit down to drink my morning coffee. Veronique stands next to her rabbi, and my eyes are drawn to his kippah. And I’d thought, that perhaps, I was going to be able to start this day without crying.

Why history is not just about the past


Triangle Shirtwaist Funeral March Photo

A fire blazes through a garment factory. The building has too few exits and not enough fire escapes. Fire equipment cannot reach the fire. More than 100 people—many of them young women—die. Bodies, burnt beyond recognition, line the floor of a government building, awaiting identification.

If you’re thinking, “I know that story—it happened at New York’s Triangle Shirtwaist Company in 1911,” think again. Though the details fit the Triangle tragedy, the scene I’ve just described is the deadly fire at the Tazreen Fashions factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, this past Saturday night.

Sarah's Choice


Sarah / Salome

One recent summer weekend, my life—or my awareness of its imperatives—underwent a radical shift. My 28-year-old son was away at the beach with friends.

Tisha B'Av, Ride, and Mayer


Destruction of the Temple

Over the weekend, I was at a Modern Orthodox temple honoring Tisha B’Av, the 9th day in the month of Av, the saddest day in the Jewish year.

She's Got A Ticket To Ride


Israel Open Road

Are women in Chassidic communities nothing more than oppressed victims? Is the Haredi threat to civil liberties in Israel, which is represented by segregated busses, real?

Stories Reemerge- an act of cultivation. The Institute, Day 1 Podcast


Judith's I4E Notebook

Introduction:  25 bright and impassioned teachers from all over the country are sitting in a large circle in a nondescript room of a Sheraton H

Overturn the World


"Women Resume Riots Against Meat Shops" New York Times
"East Side Boycotters Meet and Organize," New York Times

On July 2, 1965 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) began its work for women's equality, enforcin

We've Come A Long Way, Rosa: Title IX and The American Jewess


Rosa (1) Exercising
Rosa (2) Exercising

You didn’t think Title IX would reach its 40th birthday and go unrecognized here at JWA, did you?

So hot right now: Vagina is the new black


The word "vagina," is having a cultural moment, according to Rebecca Keegan of the Los An

Lily Winner and immigration, then and now


Ninety-one years ago today, journalist and playwright Lily Winner published an essay in The Nation entitled "American Emigrés.&q


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