Gloria Steinem

“Women Who Make America”


MAKERS Women's Convention 1977 Photo

For the past year, I’ve enjoyed paying regular visits to, a growing online collection of video interviews with an impressive array of women who have made a mark on the last half century of American history.

Halloween: JWA Style


Steinem, Gloria 2 - still image [media]

We are well into October and it is time to talk Halloween. Knowing that it can be difficult to find a costume that accurately represents your feminism and your Jewish identity, we’ve put together our guide to a well-researched JWA Halloween costume.

Stuck in a “Pissed Off” Time Warp


Gloria Steinem

Sometimes when I’m speaking about my alma mater, Smith College, I’ll start with Gloria Steinem. Forget being the largest of the Seven Sister schools, or having the first women’s engineering program, or even the amazing education I received. For bragging rights, I go straight to fellow Smithie Ms. Steinem.

Mourdock, Menses, and Breasts


Bra Hanging

Here We Go Again. Add Mourdock to the Akin mixology, shake, and serve on the rocks.

Making trouble/making history at JWA's second annual luncheon


Gail T. Reimer with Making Trouble/Making History honorees
Gloria Steinem at JWA's 2012 Making Trouble/Making History luncheon

Sunday morning, as readers of the New York Times were mulling over a long and thoughtful article about Gloria Steinem's legacy, Steinem herself was with friends and fell

My journey to love my legs and understand the Feminist movement


Etta King at camp
Etta King with her campers

“How could you?!” Esther screamed.
“What? What are you talking about?” I asked.

Gloria Steinem: Her words as relevant today as ever


Steinem, Gloria 1 - still image [media]

Last week, a group of JWA staffers gathered on our lunch break to watch the HBO documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words.

Gloria Steinem: An unheralded GLBT advocate


Gloria Steinem

As I watched HBO’s incisive documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words, one irony became clear instantly:

50 Most Influential Progressives of the 20th Century - Who else?


The Nation recently published a list of the 50 Most Influential Progressives of the Twentieth Century. As JSpot noted, 5 are Jewish. Two of those are women: Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem.


Rising Voices


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