Four new questions for the Passover seder


Tomorrow night, Jews all over the world will sit down for a Passover seder. Some of us will listen to our grandfathers mumble through the hagaddah, and others will incorporate new rituals, like Miriam’s Cup and putting an orange on the seder plate – signs of how feminism has transformed Jewish ritual life.

To get us in the spirit of the holiday, I’m proposing a variation on the Four Questions. This year, I’m thinking less about difference (“Why is this night different from all other nights?”) and more about why certain things have changed so little:

  1. Why is “JAP” still such a popular put-down?

  2. When will movies and/or tv shows start showing Jewish men dating Jewish women? (Ross Geller can’t be the only Jewish man attracted to a Jewish woman!)

  3. When will people stop thinking it’s only important for girls – and not boys – to learn about Jewish women’s history?

  4. Why on this holiday, with its theme of liberation, are most seders still led by men and served by women?

Have any to add to the list? Please share them, and bring these or others to your own seder.

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