We've Come A Long Way, Rosa: Title IX and The American Jewess


Rosa (1) Exercising
Rosa (2) Exercising

You didn’t think Title IX would reach its 40th birthday and go unrecognized here at JWA, did you?

What my dad taught me about feminism


Judith Rosenbaum with her father and sister

I call myself a second-generation feminist, and when I do so, I’m thinking of my mom.

"Dear Blu Greenberg": JWA blogger Talia Weisberg's award-winning letter


We are proud to announce that JWA blogger Talia Weisberg, a junior at the Manhattan High School for Girls, New York, won runner-up in the

Miri Shalem of Beit Shemesh and dance as a tool of social change


Before most of us ever heard of the small town of Beit Shemesh, Miri Shalem the orthodox mother of four children and a long-time resident was directing the town’s JCC.

"Thank G-D for creating me according to your will"


Three years ago I had the opportunity to visit the rare books room at the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) library. I saw many interesting things, but one that would change my life forever.

Are lists of "hot" Jewish women kosher?


Sarah Silverman on Complex.com's list of Hot Jewish Women

This week on the Sisterhood, Naomi Zeveloff wrote:

Honoring Paula Hyman, z"l, by continuing to ask questions


Paula Hyman - still image 2

Last Friday, I joined members of the Jewish Women’s Archive “family” on a sad drive to New Haven for the funeral of Paula Hyman, who died on Thursday at the much-too-early age of 65. The Lucy G.

Meet Rebecca Cohen and Gyno-Star, the world’s first explicitly feminist superhero


Gyno-Star: Feminist Superhero
Rebecca Cohen, creator of The Adventures of Gyno-Star
The Adventures of Gyno-Star panel

Wonder Woman, created in the 1940s, showed the world that women could kick butt.

Entitlement and its Discontents


This week, New York Magazine’s cover features an oral history of Ms. Magazine, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Reconsidering Jewish sororities must involve a systematic reconsideration of Greek life


They seemed like they were everywhere, since where my friends and I lived on campus was known for its Greek population.


Rising Voices


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