Nothing to Fear Here, It’s Just a Little Feminism


Desks for Feminism in Academia
Feminist Fist

After five years of functioning within the pseudo-reality of “Big A” Academia, I often ponder questions of identity formation and self-understanding.

This is not about women playing dance. It’s about revolution.


"Woman Wind"

The most courageous fourteen year old girl I have ever set eyes on, Malala Yousafzai, was shot in the head for her advocacy of education for women and I am spending my time organizing a flash mob o

Historic JOFA-Kolech Meeting of the Minds


Portal and horizon

Though the conclusion of Sukkot occurred earlier this week, our friends at JOFA co-manifested such a milestone event with such potential, far reaching effects, we wanted to share this happening

Experimental Fridays: Lady Gaga's Sukkot


Sukkot Harvest

There is a simple beauty to the holiday of Sukkot, perhaps because it is the chag (holiday) with the least meshugas (craziness). The Day of Atonement and the month of weighty reflection are behind us, the manic celebration of Simchas Torah lies ahead. Sukkot, often called The Festival of Ingathering, is unadorned, honest, at peace with itself.

And it reminds me of Lady Gaga.

Though I would not use the term “unadorned” to describe her inspired ensembles, she is unadorned when it comes to her character, honest when it comes to her spirit, at peace when it comes to her personhood. And she invites, nay demands, through her songs, performances, interviews, and her anti-bullying campaigns that others strive for the same.

Helène Aylon: Artist, Ecofeminist, Author


Helene Aylon Book Launch Close up
Helene Aylon Projection and Crowd

The room was filled with an open, excited energy.

Anime Anastasiya-- Good for the feminists?


Anastasiya Sphpagina Anime Girl

“To me, being Jewish has always been aligned with women’s empowerment and multiculturalism.

Contemporary Abortion Politics: Good for the Jews?


Green Woman Impressionistic

This title is, admittedly, at least partially tongue in cheek.

Male and Female Deodorant: A comparative study


I was watching the Daily Show online over the weekend and I was fascinated with the commercials, two in particular, which streamed almost back to back.

Friday Social Media BliNtz (Week 1)


Hillary Clinton
Chicken Whole Roasted
Kid Blowing Shofar in Old City

Welcome to the Friday Social Media BliNtz-- it's like a media blitz, but tastier.

Here, on a virtual silver platter, are some current event noshes you might enjoy.

The Plea for Parnussah


Business Man

On Rosh Hashanah we re-enthrone the Sovereign King in order to perpetuate the ancient world order. But what happens when this particular male-dominant, top down world order is reversed?


Rising Voices


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