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To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo


Hebrew Tattoo

I am leaving tomorrow for a trip home to LA. Between visiting cousins, friends, new babies, and family, my trips home tend to whiz by in a blur of too-short-check-ins.

Jewish Women in Modern America: Lessons to Live By


Alex Estroff Shadow Box

Last semester, I was one of four boys in a course at The Weber School dedicated to Jewish women in modern America—a group of people who have had great impact on our lives. However, this group has received little of the public recognition it deserves and is vastly underrepresented in traditional history classes. Like most other American high school students, I have spent the bulk of my academic career studying Christian men from Europe. No wonder that I knew little or nothing about these remarkable women. Yet learning about them is only one reason why this course was so enlightening.

How I Accidentally Became A Jewish Historian


Etta with Matriarchs

Like many recent college graduates, I began my job hunt by asking myself some difficult questions “What do I want to do? Who do I want to be?

Bye love. . .


LTG with grandchild
LTG with her husband Herman, submitted by Jennifer Steinberg

As our July 4th week comes to a close, we at JWA close the circle on our Celebrate Fiercely Independent Jewish Women

War, Motherhood, & A Little Cheesecake


Mollie Weinstein in France, 1940s

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to work with your mother and learn about her life and in doing so discover a completely different person?

What my dad taught me about feminism


Judith Rosenbaum with her father and sister

I call myself a second-generation feminist, and when I do so, I’m thinking of my mom.

Our Fathers


Father and baby daughter

In a blog post last week Gabrielle Orcha asked, "What about the Jewish father? ... Who is he really?"

Lucy Kramer Cohen: A public-spirited woman/a private inner life


Lucy Kramer Cohen portrait
Lucy Kramer Cohen, 1932

Ever dream of making a film about someone you wanted the world to know more about?

Cleaning for Passover, missing my Bubbe


Mayim Bialik's Bubbe


I’ve started cleaning for Passover, have you?

The Hanukkah bush: Raising Jewish kids in downtown NYC


Roslyn Bernstein's daughter Julia at the Educational Alliance Coop Nursery School

For those of you not around New York City in the 1970s, raising children was a challenge. City parks were infested with drug dealers and street crime was high.


Rising Voices


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