This August we are raising an apple to our educators. As the back-to-school sales reach a crescendo (but before we start dipping our apples in honey for Rosh Hashanah), we are focusing on the experience of Jewish education. Education has always been a cornerstone of Jewish culture and religion, although girls and women had to fight to get the same opportunities as their brothers.

Women were actively involved in education from the first years of Jewish life in America. Over 350 years later, teachers continue to inspire students in day and supplementary schools, in pre-b'nai mitzvah and confirmation classes, in seminaries and yeshivas. During August, we are calling on educators to share their lesson plans, their surprising stories, their triumphs, and, yes, their failures. We will learn along side of them as we reflect on what it means to be the people of the book.

A Woman Taught Me to Lay Tefillin


Tefillin Barbie

The event was called a “Jewish BLT: Bagel, Lox and Tefillin.” I stood there holding the newly purchased and never used tefillin in my hand as I unfolded the instructions ready to tackle this ancien

What's With All The Teacher Hate?


Chicago Teacher's Strike

Sarah Seltzer, contributing writer to the The Sisterhood, shares her thoughts on education, class, gender, unions, and workers' rights.

The Dynamic Etta King Talks Shop: Education, Feminism, JWA As Bridge


JWA Open Door
Etta with Matriarchs
Executive Director Gail Reimer and Twersky Award Winner Allyson Mattanah

Enjoy this interview with the dynamic Etta King, JWA's Education Manager.

How I Accidentally Became A Jewish Historian


Etta with Matriarchs

Like many recent college graduates, I began my job hunt by asking myself some difficult questions “What do I want to do? Who do I want to be?

A Look at JWA at 16


Community Report 2012 - thumbnail 250px

The summer’s whizzed by and so has JWA’s fiscal year (which ends September 30th). As that date approaches, we’ve been taking a hard look at the numbers.

Enjoy some Vlog noshing from JWA's Institute for Educators


As JWA's Institute for Educators comes to a close, we wanted to share a few moments ... and messages.

Bread & Roses, Raisins & Almonds, Labor & Sustenance


Leah Wolff-Pellingra's handwritten sustenance poem from I4E

This week teachers from around the nation are participating in JWA’S Institute for Educators.

Breaking free from tradition: New ideas for Passover learning


Watch The Prince of Egypt. Throw the toy frogs. Have a chocolate seder. Create artistic interpretations of the Ten Plagues.

What can we learn from Jewish women partisans? Jewish Partisan Education Foundation announces 2012 Youth Writing Contest


Jewish Partisan Education Project 2012 Youth Writing Contest

Thanks to the success of feature film Defiance (2008), Americans now associate the history of Jewish partisans with the hunky Bielsk

Black History Month: Wednesdays in Mississippi


You might think that I – a public historian – would love the opportunities on our public calendar to celebrate historical figures and communities. But truth be told, I’m a bit of a skeptic.


Rising Voices


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