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Welcoming trans rabbis, stories from the White House, and the "stained glass ceiling" - Link Roundup

  • Transgender rabbi is celebrated as the the new assistant rabbi and music director at Berkeley’s Congregation Beth El. This story is also an example of the right way to report on a story about a trans individual (using correct pronouns, respectful language, etc), which is unfortunately still a rarity in the media these days. [JWeekly]
  • Sarah Lefton, creator of G-dCast, on her experience at the White House reception for Jewish American Heritage Month. About meeting Justice Ginsburg, Lefton said: "Of all the people there, the high school debate nerd in me was extremely awestruck by her." [JWeekly] Also from the White House, author Judy Blume tweets about meeting Regina Spektor. [Jezebel]
  • Sarah Silverman calls Fox News a "24 hours a day racism engine." She seems to be much better received when she is talking as herself and not doing her little girl "schtick." [Heeb]
  • Joan Rivers is back on top! Her new documentary, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, premiered to positive reviews. Now she and her daughter Melissa will be starring in their own reality show, Mother Knows Best. [Forward]
  • For all the Barbra fans: a "What would Barbra do?" t-shirt. [Heeb]
  • After the fuss over the photo of Elena Kagan playing softball, Katy Kelleher deconstructs the "softball = lesbian" stereotype. [Jezebel]
  • Recently, Historian Nancy L. Cohen suggested in a Los Angeles Times op-ed that the Choice movement should switch from using "choice" to "freedom." Gloria Feldt, former Director of Planned Parenthood, offers her thoughts. [Heartfeldt Politics]

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Esther Jungreis, an icon of the Jewish community in the US and Israel, passed away on Tuesday evening at age 80
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Karmit Feintuch will be the first female communal leader in a synagogue in