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February 1st Link Roundup


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Join a Rising. Start a Rising. One Billion Rising is Building Momentum.

Political Jewess: Oldies but Goodies


American Flag

We are at T minus four days to the election, and one of our favorite past times at JWA is looking to the past to inform the future...

So on that note, I ask:

Mourdock, Menses, and Breasts


Bra Hanging

Here We Go Again. Add Mourdock to the Akin mixology, shake, and serve on the rocks.

Links 4 You! 10.19.12


You are not one in a billion. But maybe you are one OF a billion.

Friday Social Media BliNtz (Week 1)


Hillary Clinton
Chicken Whole Roasted
Kid Blowing Shofar in Old City

Welcome to the Friday Social Media BliNtz-- it's like a media blitz, but tastier.

Here, on a virtual silver platter, are some current event noshes you might enjoy.

Jewish women on the web: Link Roundup


Jewish women on the web: Link roundup


  • Gloria Feldt writes a memo to Julia Louis-Dreyfus with some advice for her ne

Jewish girls are easy, Jewish boys do a calendar shoot, and other Jewish gender stories


This week in Jewish women


  • Was Gertrude Stein—currently the focus of major exhibitions currently in Paris and Washington, D.C.—actually a Nazi sympathizer?

  • Sneak peek of Gabrielle Giffords interview and more links


    Next Monday: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will be speaking with Diane Sawyer in her first public interview about the shooting.


    Rising Voices


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