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Esther to Bess: We are Crowned by Fate


Myerson, Bess 2 - still image [media]
Myerson, Bess 1 - still image [media]

Sixty-seven years ago today, Bess Myerson was crowned Miss America, the only Jewish woman ever to b

The Culture of Chill: A Dialogue


This piece was originally posted on the Ma’yan blog.

A few weeks ago, Natalie Bergner and I (John Foley), both in our final weeks as summer interns at Ma’yan, were having a casual conversation about the implications of the word "chill." That discussion evolved into a larger one about politics, sexism and the dynamics of feminism in youth culture. What follows is a conversation in which we examine "chill culture.” While it was difficult to come to a consensus on the word and its implications, we hope that our dialogue will spark others to come to their own conclusions about how the word is and should be used. 

Show your cape, Julie Taymor!


Julie Taymor 2
Julie Taymor

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to scale tall buildings better than Spiderman, it’s . . .

Julie Taymor! The brilliant! The invincible! 

Joan Rivers: a woman filled with hate or humanity?


Joan Rivers, Close Up

Joan Rivers: a woman of chutzpadik and chilarity. We either love her, or hate her. She’s either the talk of the town, or fades into red carpet oblivion . . . only to be resurrected again.

Happy Birthday, Gilda: She wants us to laugh...and live!


Gilda Radner Star

Gilda Radner Saves Lives." Nobody would have gotten as big a laugh out of that line as Gilda herself.

So hot right now: Vagina is the new black


The word "vagina," is having a cultural moment, according to Rebecca Keegan of the Los An

Toward an inclusive celebration of Jewish motherhood


What does it mean to be a Jewish mother?

Make way for "Girls"


HBO's Girls

I was really wary of watcing HBO's new female-driven comedy, "Girls." I'd heard a lot of not-great reviews and was afraid it would read like an emo version of "Sex and the Ci

Jewish women and marijuana: Yay or nay?



If you listen closely, you may hear people wishing one another a "Happy 4/20" today. Why?

Downton Abbey's Lady Grantham: Honorary Jewess With Attitude


Lady Grantham, Downton Abbey

"Is she Jewish?"


Rising Voices


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