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  • A proposal to ban circumcision will be on the San Francisco ballot this November.

    As a Jewish Mama, my response should fall somewhere along the lines of outrage and a head-tisk.

    And as a bleeding heart Mama, my response should be somewhere in the range of agreement and an apology to my son.

    I whole-heartdely feel all of these emotions. In other words, I’m conflicted.

    I don’t agree with the circumcision ban. But you might be surprised why.

  • Scratching, clawing, digging. Those words don't sound very friendly, do they? When it comes to getting beyond the surface of stereotypes, they're even worse than that. They're painful.

  • I am such a Gleek. So naturally I was fascinated by the uproar caused by the risque, but let’s just face it crazy-hot, GQ photo shoot that Leah blogged about here.

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