It Gets Better: Where are the Jews?


By now, the It Gets Better Project has made headlines around the world, with everyone from Lady Gaga to president Obama posting a video to support and enc

Mazel tov to the women of the Forward 50


Another year, another Forward 50 list of Jewish leaders who have made the biggest impact (good or bad) in American Jewish life.

A Jewish girl’s guide to a bat mitzvah project


Alexandra Kukoff

I felt overwhelmed when deciding what to do for a bat mitzvah project.

Girl Scouts of Colorado take a stand against gender injustice


Girl Scouts

The Jewish community has had a varied relationship with scouting.

Freethinkers and radicals #OccupyWallStreet: The activist tradition and Yom Kippur


Advertisement for "'Yom Kipur' Picnic" organized by Goldman and her colleagues

The iconic anarchist Emma Goldman believed that religion was inherently repressive.

Without apology: The atonement stops here


Birth Control

For a few semesters in college, I was a Peer Health Sex Educator.

Gloria Steinem: An unheralded GLBT advocate


Gloria Steinem

As I watched HBO’s incisive documentary Gloria: In Her Own Words, one irony became clear instantly:

Meet Jaclyn Friedman: Jewess with attitude


Jaclyn Friedman

I recently had the pleasure to sit down for brunch with Jaclyn Friedman, Executive Director of Women, Action and the Media and co-editor of Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape. Jaclyn Friedman is writer, speaker, activist, and rising star in the current feminist community.

Shoshannah Stern Takes a Silent Stand Against Sexual Violence


The deaf Jewish actress Shoshannah Stern is more than a little bit angry — and for good reason.


Rising Voices


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