She's Got A Ticket To Ride


Israel Open Road

Are women in Chassidic communities nothing more than oppressed victims? Is the Haredi threat to civil liberties in Israel, which is represented by segregated busses, real?

Stories Reemerge- an act of cultivation. The Institute, Day 1 Podcast


Judith's I4E Notebook

Introduction:  25 bright and impassioned teachers from all over the country are sitting in a large circle in a nondescript room of a Sheraton H

The Feminist Papers--LEAKED!


Secret Classified Document

“The Feminist Papers,” a highly classified document that up until now has only been rumored to exist, was (accidentally?) leaked last night at 11:15pm.

Of Peonies & Penises: Anita Steckel’s Legacy


Anita Steckel-- Untitled photo taken from "Time Out NY," courtesy The Artist and Mitchell Algus Gallery
Anita Steckel - Poster for 1973 exhibit

Anita Steckel was 82 when she died last March. But Anita, her many fans would insist, was way younger than most of us will ever be.

Liz Lerman: Still Dancing, Still Crossing


Liz Lerman Scientists-Choreographers

This July marks one year since choreographer, author, and innovator Liz Lerman parted ways with her dance company, formerly the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange (now just the Dance Exchange) to fly solo a

Show your cape, Julie Taymor!


Julie Taymor 2
Julie Taymor

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to scale tall buildings better than Spiderman, it’s . . .

Julie Taymor! The brilliant! The invincible! 

Overturn the World


"Women Resume Riots Against Meat Shops" New York Times
"East Side Boycotters Meet and Organize," New York Times

On July 2, 1965 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) began its work for women's equality, enforcin

Celebrate Fiercely Independent Jewish Women This July 4th


Fireworks by Karen Blaha (Vironevaeh)

Many of you may not know this, but there is a kind of rite that happens here at JWA for newbies such as myself: to be given an assignment with almost impossible challenges.

Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown: Jewish superhero for abortion


Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown is a champion. A hero. A "Jewess with Attitude" to the n'th degree. 

The Great Pride Parade Adventure


Pride Parade Flag

Pride. When we are aware of our own dignity and worth; when we feel deep pleasure from our own and others’ achievements; when we delight in who we are and what we do. Pride.


Rising Voices


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