Esther to Bess: We are Crowned by Fate


Myerson, Bess 2 - still image [media]
Myerson, Bess 1 - still image [media]

Sixty-seven years ago today, Bess Myerson was crowned Miss America, the only Jewish woman ever to b

Labor Day and Leisure


The Return from Toil

Labor Day. In America, this holiday is more often associated with barbeques, sales, and the farewell to summer and white linen than with the contributions of workers. By design, it’s a less overtly political holiday than the workers’ holidays in Europe—the U.S. intentionally picked a day other than the International Workers’ Day of May 1st to avoid any whiff of radicalism.

Shulamith Firestone, 1945-2012: In Memoriam


Today’s news brought the shocking report of Shulamith Firestone’s death, at age 67.

Happy 101st Birthday to Ruth Gruber: Activist, Rescuer and Chronicler of her People’s Story


Ruth Gruber

More than half a century after the August day in 1944 when Ruth Gruber coaxed reluctant refugees off the bus—told they would be taken to the sho

Putting “All Her Eggs in One Bastard” –– Happy Birthday, Dorothy Parker!


Dorothy Parker

On August 22, 1893, a child was born who would make the world a decidedly wittier place.

Holy Hooligans?


After being held in jail for seven months, this past Friday three members of the politically charged, Russian punk rock girl band Pussy Riot were convicted and sentenced to two years in p

Another Emma "Makes Trouble"


Pregnant women take note: There’s something about the name “Emma” that turns a girl into a prizefighter swinging her fists for human––often specifically women’s&

"To call into question..."


We are a little more than six months from the end of the world (!) Or from the end of the world as we know it—December 21, 2012.

Grappling all the way to the Olympics


Rusty Kanokogi teaching arm bar
Judo-Rosalba Forciniti of Italy celebrates winning a Judo bronze against Marie Muller of Luxembourg

For the first time in world history, this year every country competing in the Olympics has a female athlete on its team.

Enjoy some Vlog noshing from JWA's Institute for Educators


As JWA's Institute for Educators comes to a close, we wanted to share a few moments ... and messages.


Rising Voices


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