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10th Birthday Celebration

Boston Birthday Party a Success!

Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed our 10th Birthday Tribute to JWA's Founders. Stay tuned for future events, and contact us if you'd like to be notified.


Dear JWA

What an honor it has been to watch this wonderful organization grow! It is hard to believe there was ever a time when Jewish Women's history had no centralized and accesible place to live. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be involved!!!

With love and admiration,
Beth Klarman

Congratulations JWA !

Thank you to JWA for providing a wonderful resource for Jewish women in all walks of life. As a reference librarian, I've been able to use your website as a reliable and accurate source of information for some questions that have come to my attention on several occasions. We appreciate all your work, your dedication, and your joy in sharing Jewish women's lives.

Judith S. Pinnolis

Happy Birthday

Congratulations to our favorite client!

Linda M. Smith, CPA, PC
(the auditors)

Why am I here?

When Gail Reimer asked to talk with me about the Jewish Women's Archive, I was skeptical. There are lots of archives--do we need another brick building with limited access? As Gail was hanging her coat in our closet she said, "Of course you know it's not a physical archive; everything is on line and available all day, every day." I was hooked: open, democratic, accessible, interesting, and most important of all an expansion of the horizon of our history. I'm grateful to have it.

Prudence L. Steiner

new to JWA

As a new editor at the Jewish Advocate and a great admirer of strong, smart Jewish women past and present it's an honor to have been invited to this dinner and learn more about this important organization.

Gary Band

happy birthday JWA

It was actually more than 10 years ago that I first heard about JWA. It was a time when it ws just a dream in Gail Riemer's fertile imagination-I was even hesitant to agree that it was a good idea to leave a full time job for this.... but, look at what has come to pass!

A very happy birthday and just keep on going!!

Harron Ellenson

Inspiring those who come after us

Congratulations JWA, for all you have done to show my child, and someday her children, the infinite possibilities that are open to Jewish women.


Thank you, JWA

For helping me remember how much I need to value my mother--even in those moments when I am inpatient with her. For helping me remember and treasure my aunts and great aunts, married and unmarried, who taught me so much and showed me that one's life could be different from the norm, yet happy and rewarding.

And for helping me recapture what was so very special about my grandmothers -- Anna and Minnie. I miss them today more than ever before and that is clearly because of JWA.

Thank you for drawing them back into my life.


Dear Women of Inspiration

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished in 10 years! Best wishes for all that you will do to bring Jewish women's lives to center stage!

Your sister in spirit,
Keren R. McGinity

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Birthday Scrapbook

Here are photos from our first 10th Birthday event—our part in Boston on May 3, 2006. Click image to view slideshow here or view full size on Flickr.

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